Get It Free

Promotion Period: 2024-04-01 to 2024-08-29

Promotion Details: During the promotion period, any completed orders are eligible to receive replica designer brands products as a free gift.

How To Participate:

When placing an order, add the gift code such as "A5001" in the order remarks. Or let us know through live chat after the order is paid.

Important Notes:

  • ① The order amount for the promotion refers to the total product amount only, excluding shipping fees.
  • ② If you forget to claim your gift with your order, it can be added to your next order and shipped together.
  • ③ For certain countries and regions with expensive shipping fees, additional shipping fees may be required. We will only contact you through live chat to arrange this. Please be aware that any contact through email or other channels may be fraudulent.

Area-A: Orders > US$150

You can get one of the following products for free

Area-B: Orders > $300

You can get one of the following products for free

Orders > $600 and More

Based on your order amount, you can choose 1...N items from Area-B for free

  • Orders>$600: You can select 2 gifts for free in Area-B
  • Orders>$900: You can select 3 gifts for free in Area-B
  • Orders>$1200: You can select 4 gifts for free in Area-B
  • Orders>$1500: Contact us by live chat to get more gifts...